buddy whittington

Jimmy Doyle Chassis by Doyle

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(doing one of the things he does best......)

and still doing it in 2011= 50 YEARS!
William Horrell
@william-horrell   12 years ago
Jimmy has eaten many race track hot dogs over the years...Still doin' race cars after all this time.
buddy whittington
@buddy-whittington   12 years ago
50 years last season ! he is my chassis man . and Friend. some folks said jimmy was getting a little outdated, well he sets upthe chassis on my super stock chev. and we set the track record that still stands today! [2 seasons] andno one came within 1/2 of a second of it all last year !! jimmy is as sharp as ever.. '' CHASSIS AND SET UP BY JIMMY DOYLE '' ! !
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