Charles (Chuck) Dixon RENSHAW Jr

Charles ( Chuck ) Renshaw Jr # 124 VW racer in W. Germany 1977

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Broken tie rod coming into the pits
Charles (Chuck) Dixon RENSHAW Jr
@charles-chuck-dixon-renshaw-jr   6 years ago
these race cars where all V W's bugs and had only 1200 motors. this one is a 1969 cut down and painted Red and White with the Coke Cole white stripe on the sides. We trying to get the Coke Comp. to be our sponcer. this is in 1978. This photo was taken by that track and I was yelling at him to get out of the way because the right tie rod had just broke coming into the corner that also led into the pits. I had so much fun racing at this track and later in 1979 we had to go to the track in Friburg, Germany to race because the Army took our track and turn it into a tank firing range. Will post more pictures when I find them.
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