Friday January 23 2009, 1:15 PM
if anyone wants to get in on our Association, come visit us on www.NENDRA.comour schedule is up and posted and our 1st meeting will be held on Feb.8th, check out the best Nostalgia Super Stock Racing in the East Coast.
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come visit the website and come race with us. the race schedule will be up soon we will be racing at Lebanon Valley dragway in West Lebanon New York.1st race is may 6th saturday 2009. We have 9 race dates there this year and 2 at...
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i think to make this the best drag racing site, you need to seperate the types of brand cars as a dded bonus to this site.Fords,Mopars, Chevys, Pontiacs,etc.i for one think that alot of guys want to hear about and talk about things associated with...
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