2017, The Season of New

Tim Leeming
2 years ago
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I have spent quite sometime over the past two or three days, reading predictions of "experts" on who is going to be on top this season, driver wise and manufacturer wise.  With all the new rules and all the changes that seem to constantly magically appear on the NASCAR rule book pages, I'm lost.  What about all you folks?  What say you?

Back in the days of the 50s and 60s the racing world was a lot different, as, indeed, was the entire world.  That's a given.  But racing seemed to be a whole lot more simple then.  It was a Ford, Chevy, Pontiac, Plymouth, Dodge, Mercury or whatever.  There are no more Plymouths, Pontiacs, Buicks, Oldsmobiles, Mercurys or even Dodge running for the win.  With Stewart-Haas going to Ford, there are even less Chevys. We are upon the dawn of a new era, or the dawn of destruction of the sport.  I am hoping for the former.

Bobby Williamson
2 years ago
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Tim, I think you hit the nail on the head......."the racing world was a lot different, as, indeed was the entire world."  The pace of world/cultural  evolution and revolution seems to out-pace anyone's ability to keep up. Who knows what lies in store for NASCAR, IMO, adding additional complicating layers is not the way to proceed.  The world's all about instant gratification and simplification.

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