Old Concord Speedway & Billy & Barbara Scott Postings

Dave Fulton
10 years ago
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Listening to the Bobby Williamson's Ghost Track segment on Racer's Reunion Radio and mentions of the old Concord, NC track made me think how much I used to enjoy seeing the "GASCAR" sanctioning name in the racing papers, which was the Concord, NC promoter John Gaskey's name to irritate NASCAR. In looking up GASCAR and John Gaskey, I was directed right back to Stock Car Racers Reunion and a post by Billy & Barbara Scott with all sorts of neat stuff about Concord and Mr. Gaskey, including a poem written about him. Here is the very worthwhile link to what Billy & Barbara posted:


You'll see on the old Concord program cover posted by Billy & Barbara the "GASCAR" sanctioning name. I bet the Frances choked every time they saw it!

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Bobby Williamson
10 years ago
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Dave, thanks for the info on 'old' Concord. I did not mention the John Gaskey element, but I remember well his "GASCAR" sanctioning body. One issue I was trying to solve, before the radio program, was the disappearance of John Gaskey (at Concord) and the arrival of Henry Furr. Didn't really get a good explanation of the question, but I did run across a story of Mr. Gaskey's brother being killed at the track. Don't know any of the details, maybe some of our readers can fill in the blanks.

TMC Chase
10 years ago
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Just where was the old Concord Speedway located? A buddy of mine lives in Concord just a stone's throw from [ Old Speedway Dr ]. He built his house 5 or 6 years ago. He has been trying to figure out if an old race track was once where his property is now.

I've referenced Perry Allen Wood's book in the hopes that it might help narrow down any possible track. But nothing really matched where he lives now.

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Bobby Williamson
10 years ago
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I think old Concord Speedway was located off of Poplar Tent Road There's a housing development (surprise) there now and one of the entrance roads to that project is McCurdy st, the site is also near the intersection of Poplar Tent Rd. and the George W Liles Pkwy.

Lisa Cosgrove
9 years ago
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John Gaskey was my grandfather. This is very interesting for me as I do not know a lot about him. I asked my Mom about some of this, and the only thing she said that was incorrect was that he had a brother killed at a racetrack. She is unsure why he left the racing scene, but did tell me that he owned a delivery service that he kept and ran. Thank you for posting this.
Billy & Barbara Scott
9 years ago
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Hi Lisa, how great of you to show up on the site!!!. Have been trying to find outhow all the familyare doing? I had a picture made of your Grand Mom and Grand Dad, with Billy. Have been looking for Joanie for quite sometime now. Guess that is the one you belong to. She used to always send cards to both of us, especially Mother's Day and Father's Day and Christmas and she just stopped, we believe. Then ason of hers we talkedwith,said he would tell her, but he must have forgotten. Be sure and pull up our pictures and articles, may see a lotyou like.

God bless and we love you,

Billy and Barbara Scott

Aldo Canzian
7 years ago
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I looked at www.historicaerials.com to know the exact place of the speedway. That site shows 1965 aerial views.

Concord Speedway II (also known as New Concord Speedway, Concord International Speedway and Harris Speedway(not to confuse with Harris Speedway in Harris, NC)) held 12 NASCAR Grand National Division races between 1956 and 1964 and was located in the place now occupied by Channing Circle, near Eva Drive off Poplar Tent Road. The access road to the speedway is now called Speedway Drive.

Concord Speedway I or Old (Oldest) Concord Speedway (also known as Widenhouse-Cadwell Speedway) was located on the street now called Old Speedway Road and it was abandoned in 1965.

There's no trace of any speedway at the cross between Exchange Road and Village Drive (as shown above).

Concord Speedway III is that Little Tricky Triangle near Midland.

Is all that right?

10 months ago
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I DOUBT this question will get much traction.. but here goes.
I am researching tracks that held Cup races.  I see there is an "old" Concord speedway that had Cup races 1962-1964
Then there seems to be to new Concord that people seem to mention the Cup series raced on.
I can't see how thats possible since the new track was built in 1984.
Also I clicked a link for the Concord "oldest" track and that link shows some Cup races; but this is the ONLY place I have ever saw them listed...
So can you held steer me with the right info..??