Detroit Billboards

Dave Fulton
6 years ago
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This is now old news, but I hadn't seen this collection until passed along by my friend Frank in Pennsylvania. Please forgive if you've already seen, but you don't have to be a Chevy fan to appreciate this collection of billboards GM erected in Detroit in Spring 2013.

As Frank references in his correspondence to me, he and I came of age in the early-mid-60s, cruising the Richmond, Virginia drive-ins, with him driving a red '59 Chevy Impala "Batmobile" and me driving a "Dusk Pearl" ' 57 Chevy Bel Air. Memories.

"You may have seen these already, but in case not, have fun - I remember when we both drove the cars depicted on these billboards"

"Any Day is Good for Stock Car Racing"

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bill mcpeek
6 years ago
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outstanding Dave. great stuff.....thanks

Russell Rector
6 years ago
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I love these billboards!!! Cars from the Far East will NEVER be as COOL as these.

Tim Leeming
6 years ago
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Love those Dave. How appropriate to share thosephotos on this site. Wonderful memories of wonderful cars. Thank you!

Charles Ray Stocks
6 years ago
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cool poast dave when i saw the 68 ss chevelle it sure brought back a lot of memories all these are real coolcars thanks dave