Question for listerners to the Tuesday Night "Racing Through History"

Tim Leeming
02/08/17 03:35:51PM
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As you all know, I have been doing Legendtorials, mostly opinionated pieces expressing whatever irritates me that particular week. That has been going on for at least six years I believe, and I think during that time I have insulted every one associated with NASCAR, Danica Patrick, Toyota, Joe Gibbs and so on.  I have shared personal feelings in some of those Legendtorials as the one I wrote about this new year and me trying to be a "better person".  I'm sticking to that effort so far I believe.

Last night, February 7th, I told the story of my first trip to Daytona.  This was not a novel idea because TMC Chase has suggested personal stories for a long time and he has shared some really incredible adventures both here and on his site.  I was surprised last night with the texts and emails regarding my Daytona story as to how many people enjoyed hearing that personal story.  So, the question is this:  Would you all like to hear my personal stories of years gone by in racing?  There are some good ones that come to mind, but they may only be of interest to me as they express my feelings and thoughts as those things were going on.  I would try to keep each week's story sort of in tune with what historic race was run during that week.  Just a thought.

So, please respond and let me know if you want opinionated Legendtorials, or memory stories, or just verbal input as the show goes along.  Would like to have a good tally of "votes" before Sunday so I'll know what to do for next Tuesday.   Thank you all.


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Jeff Gilder
02/08/17 05:49:42PM
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I think those stories would be awesome to hear and read. I wish more folks would also do that, because we would be documenting historical things in the process of being entertained. I know your stories are entertaining....I've spent hours riding "in the Ford" with you and have heard several of them. So far I'm sticking with my promise of "What's heard in the Ford, stays in the Ford".   I'd like to add one thing....I still want to hear you get cranked up about something that irritates you every now and again. If not...I may start telling (and embellishing) the stories from the Ford.

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Dave Fulton
02/08/17 08:04:48PM
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I always enjoy hearing personal race trip stories, especially the "back when" sort.

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TMC Chase
02/09/17 01:21:56PM
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100% more stories! And not just audio. Capture 'em here in word too. Unsure how the audio archives work.

And to Jeff's point - yes more stories from everyone! Tim has done a great job over the years capturing the facts of a ton of races. I've chimed in where I could with pics and articles - as well as done many write-ups from other races.

But a lot of that stuff can be gleaned from documented, historical records. What really needs to be captured are folks' memories from races.

  • Did your dad take you?
  • Did your wife or girlfriend ride shotgun?
  • Do you have funny camping story?
  • Did you go all-in and drop some hard earned cash to have a lavish trip?
  • Did you leave your packed clothes at home? (Guilty: Did so just a few years ago. Loaded my cooler with Schaefer in trunk - but forgot my clothes bag.)
  • What kept you laughing all weekend or mad as a hornet?
  • Did you get to meet a driver, crew member, legend, etc.? Especially at an unexpected location like the hotel pool or local watering hole.
  • Did you travel a long distance to a race or basically just go next door?
  • For those who worked in racing, how about more stories re: thrashing in the shop, borrowed parts, welding misfortunes!, road side communications with law enforcement, eating on the cheap, etc. 

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Tim Leeming
02/13/17 07:56:13PM
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Thank you all.  Stories will be coming!!!

Alex FL Racing Fan
02/15/17 02:50:58PM
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I like stories!