Peace Haven Speedway Truly Is A Ghost...

Eric Cardona
6 years ago
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There are reports of paranormal activity around the houses that are now on top of the track.

That report is that grass is actually having a hard time growing where the track one stood. Could this be the result of long-dead racers buzzing their cars on these hollowed grounds today?

No, I'm not kidding. Bobby said it himself on local race chat "But as perhaps a fitting epitaph, some neighbors in the cul-de-sac complain that grass struggles to grow where the coupes once roared."

So could the drivers of yesteryear be joking in the pits and racing on this long-gone 1/2 mile track right now as the families inside these homes sleep?

Might be.

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Robert Mitchell
6 years ago
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There are actually a few reasons why Peace Haven is haunted...

The first reason is, as we all know, it's bad luck to build on the sight of a former race track. Building on sacred ground will surely invite paranormal activity. It is said by the homeowners that on dark and stormy full moon Sunday evenings that fall on Halloween, a ghostly sound of 20 flathead '30s coupes can be heard roaring towards them from a distance, only to vanish as they open the front door. Why on Halloween? That brings us to our second reason...

The first NASCAR race at the track was held on that day in 1948...

The third reason... The story of little Wilbur Figg.

The story goes that little Wilbur wanted badly to go see the races on that day in '48, but his extremely superstitious parents thought it was bad luck to go see car race on Sunday, let alone Halloween, so they said no. He begged and begged but they forbid him from going which devastated little Wilbur. So that afternoon after getting home from church little Wilbur sneaked out his bedroom window, jumped on his bike and road to the track. He tried to get in but they wouldn't let him without a ticket. So he did what all the other boys were doing and found a nice strong tree to climb behind the fence on the backstretch.

It just so happened that the previous night saw heavy rain and the large creek behind the track was still very swollen with runoff water. Wilbur, high atop the tree, was cheering on the race and having the time of his life when a car smashes through the fence and slams into the very tree he clung to. Poor Wilbur hung on for dear life but to no avail. That tree whipped and slung him clear into that raging creek. Poor Wilbur was never to be found.

The story goes, that on those stormy Halloween Sundays that you hear those roaring coupes coming for you, you can also see the ghostly white image of Wilbur Figg in the tree tops cheering them on.

True story.

Johnny Mallonee
6 years ago
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It could be from all the chemicals that were used to harden the clay and to keep the dust down,heck maybe a few cars unloaded a few gallons of dew while adjusting the car to the track. Who knows ,Right

As far as the roar of the flatheads everybody knows old flat heads dont roar,they putter along, Right Bill Blair

Dave Fulton
6 years ago
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Y'all remember when Jim Bown dumped mercury from his frame rails after a NASCAR Winston West race at the beautiful Mesa Marin track in Bakersfield, California? That track never recovered from that thoughtless act and the ramifications from the EPA and other agencies..

"Any Day is Good for Stock Car Racing"
11 months ago
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Lookie what I found!

Like my Daddy always said, "If ya gonna be dumb, Ya gotta be TOUGH!"