Johnny Mallonee
5 years ago
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Sharon Ard Posts:

Please keep my Daddy Sam Ard in your prayers.. Daddy has been admitted to the hospital.. They have done Blood work and it shows high levels of white blood cell count and slight dehydration. Chest xray showed bottom part of lungs not working fully (could be due to pneumonia). He is being admitted and treated for sepsis (infection) and possible pneumonia.


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Dave Fulton
5 years ago
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We'll sure continue to pull for Sam's health to take an upward turn.

"Any Day is Good for Stock Car Racing"
bill mcpeek
5 years ago
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will be happy to keep Sam in our thoughts and prayers... May the Doctors find a way to help him recover.

Leon Phillips
5 years ago
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Will Do

Tim Leeming
5 years ago
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Certainly in my prayers. How many, many times I watched Sam run Columbia Speedway and so many times winning. The double zero!!! Get well Sam. God bless.