Petty Enterprises 1963 Help Needed

Brandon Reed
6 months ago
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If you read my earlier post about Richard Petty's "Ski-King", you may be surprised to find I'm already looking at the next car project.

While Bill Rankin was completing work on the 1959 Plymouth, he contacted me about a pair of 1963 Plymouth Fury kits that would make crackerjack builds of two of that year's Petty Enterprises cars.  I obtained the models and shipped them to him.

And now comes the problem.

One car will be done up as Mr. The King's ride for that year, and the other as Jim Paschal, who won five times for the Pettys that year.

But the problem is that I can't find a lot of photos of the Petty cars from that year, which hinders making a decision on what livery to put them in.  I have found a lot of photos of Richard's car from Riverside, with the big "Plymouth" on the back and the white hood, but to be honest, that's not one of my favorite looks.

I found a great photo of Richard's car from the Rebel 300, with sponsorship from Southern Motors of High Point, NC, but it's numbered 42.  I want the No. 43 for Mr. The King.  I found some great shots of the car from the Bridgehampton win, with no sponsorship, meaning a clean rear fender area, but "Plymouth By Petty" on the C pillar.  There's also indication of sponsorship on the car at SoBo and Bristol, but I can't find any clean photos to see who the sponsor was.

As to Paschal, I'm happy enough with the clean fender look, although I did find a screen shot of the No. 41 with a big "Plymouth" on the back and white rims.  Not sure if that's a Paschal car or not.

Can anyone give me any help in finding a good couple of shots that will give me some ideas to with this car?  I usually like a look that's representative of the overall season (which is why I'm not that crazy about the one off white hood from Riverside).  I will attach a few of the photos I've found, including the Rebel 300 and the No. 41 with Plymouth on the fender.  I'd love some feedback and thoughts on this - and I'd very much appreciate any photos I've not seen of the Petty cars from that year.  Thanks!!!!!

TMC Chase
6 months ago
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Don't have a lot more to add. But here are a couple I have at my fingertips.

Southern 500 - Richard

1963 Darlington S500 Weatherly Petty raylamm.jpg

Petty and Lorenzen - not sure which track


Daytona 500 - Paschal

1963 Daytona 500 Hurtubise resized floridastockcars.jpg

Nashville - Paschal

1963 nashville jim paschal.jpg

Daytona 500 - Jim Hurtubise before 125. Was later pulled & replaced by Paschal after Paschal didn't make the 500 in #41.

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