Connie Tidwell Frady

Charles Tidwell & Little Willie

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Charles Tidwell with his good friend and mascot, Little Willie Leonard. Little Willie was also the mascot for the baseball team, The Macon Peaches.
Connie Tidwell Frady
@connie-tidwell-frady   13 years ago
Little Willie was quite an interesting little person from all that I've heard about him through the years! I actually have some video footage of him dancing and making funny faces. He used to dance in front of the grandstand and people would throw money to him, lol. His nephew contacted me a couple of years ago and that was the first time I ever knew his last name. He and I would both love to see Little Willie get inducted to the hall of fame here in GA one of these days. He was also mascot for the Macon Peaches baseball team, according to his nephew. I only wish I could have met him!
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