It's Not Over...Untill...It's Over
Dale Dodge Jr
Friday September 12 2008, 11:18 AM
What a great run I've had racing the Northern Ohio Legends Series this year. I carried the points lead all season untill last weekend. Dispite a no fault crash that totalled my car and motor two weeks ago at Midvale Speedway, while running third in the feature. My grandpa Jack made a trip to Alabama to pick me up a rolling chassis last week, he, my dad and I worked non stop to get it ready for Lorain County Speedway, set in my spare motor, missed the heat race. We made it just in time for the 25 lap feature. I started the race 16th, by the 5th lap, I was running 10th, then a rod went through the side of the block and ended my night. This week has been no different with pulling out the motor again and trying to put together one good motor out of two scrap ones.With only one race left in the Series, tomorrow at Midvale Speedway. I am sitting second in the standings 3 points behind the new leader and four points in front of third. There is a 40-50% chance of rain for the I don't know if we will even race, or if the motor will perform.I am sure it will all work out just like the good Lord wants it to and pray for the best.This to me is more exciting and close than the Nextel Cup chase! Only 7 points seperate the top three drivers, with one race left, between a Master, Pro and Semi-Pro driver...Now This Is Excitement! I will update everyone when the last checkered is waved!Thanks for all your interest and encouragement. God bless, Dale Dodge Jr.
Jeff Gilder
@jeff-gilder   14 years ago
That sounds very exciting, Dale. We wish you the very best!! Keep diggin, buddy.Jeff
Dale Dodge Jr
@dale-dodge-jr   14 years ago
Midvale Speedway has decided to cancel tonights show due to weather. The Northern Ohio Legends Series has added one last points race to the schedule. It will be held next Saturday night at Barberton Speedway and will determine the final points.
Jim Seay
@jim-seay   14 years ago
Dale...You and I have been friends from about the time began...but I've not heard from you recently. Sorry to hear about the mishaps you've run into. but you're a tough young 'un.If we didn't have some ill-fortune...we simply couldn't fully appreciate the good things that do happen.As I said early on, just keep it between the ditches, run hard and go get 'em tiger!Remember, when you do make it to the top level...and you will...remember these guys we're honoring. Please, don't be caught up so much in the corporate world that you can't be willing to share your good FORTUNE by helping other guys. That show of care and responsbility will come back if and when you ever need it. Be a prime example on the track and life.If you were to ignore those who helped get all of this started, I'd awfully disappointed in Dale Dodge, Jr.I don't think that will happen.God speed and keep in touch!!Jim