2008 Semi-Pro Champion
Dale Dodge Jr
Saturday September 27 2008, 10:30 AM
Here are the final points results for my 2008 season.2008 Northern Ohio Legends Series 'Semi-Pro Champion'2008 Northern Ohio Legends Series '3rd in Overall Points'I had a blast racing against some of the best Legends car drivers in the state! A special thanks goes out to my parents, grandpa Jack, grandma Long, Trevor Mourer, Bill Richards, Duane Lorens, Dennis Knox, the entire Northern Ohio Legends group, 600 Racing,all of my sponsors, and all of you right here! for all your help, interest and encouragement, even when things seemed to fall apart. All of You kept my chin up! Thank God.Please take a look and support my 2008 sponsors:National Guard-OhioCain TruckingJohn K. Leohner Co. Inc.Shelly & SandsWest 40 Auto SalesMast TireDonk's Pit StopUPR Racing SupplyAMSOILLooking forward to 2009. Please visit http://www.freewebs.com/dadracing to see where I go from here
@drflavio309   14 years ago
good job!! glad your doing good keep up the hard work cause that is what it takes...
Pam Kelley
@pam-kelley   14 years ago
What does your schedule look like for 09?
Andy Sinatra
@andy-sinatra   14 years ago
Great job, Dale. Keep 'er running up front!
Paul Zappardino
@paul-zappardino   14 years ago
Congratulations Dale! Keep it up , don't lose your dreams! I will be rooting for you!
James Paulitska
@james-paulitska   14 years ago
Congrats CHAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now it's time for a well earned rest for a few days, then back to work to defend it and hopefully repeat next year.Jake
@grandmalong   14 years ago
Congrats! You've always been a champion in my heart/eyes. Now everyone else gets a peak. Love you and miss you! My prayer for you is God's Blessings throughout your life.Love,Grandma Long
@robert3   14 years ago
Way to go!
Jeff Gilder
@jeff-gilder   14 years ago
Congratulations Champ! We're proud of you and your accomplishments!...and looking forward to your future.Jeff
Dustin Gilder
@dustin-gilder   14 years ago
Way to go Dale!!
Margaret Sue Turner Wright
@margaret-sue-turner-wright   14 years ago
Hey WOW, & Congratulations! Keep Living your dreams!P.S. I like your GrandMa, a wise royal lady.My Best to you!Margaret Sue
@brokenbow   14 years ago
Great finish for the '08 season. Keep up the great work and you just might place a couple places higher next year.
@sherry   14 years ago
wtg dale looking forward to seeing what ur future brings :-)
@ed-yerrington-jr   14 years ago
from one champion to another GREAT JOB!!!!!!! now the wins and championships will come a little easier
Jim Seay
@jim-seay   14 years ago
Terrific Dale...I'm proud of you for your hard chargin' and winning style. You have so many friends, it's gonna be hard to hit you up for tickets when you get to the top level...and you will be there.Roll on, young man. You'll be a winner in anything you choose to do. Inthe long road ahead, you may not always be driving, but you'll be winning.Jim
Jim Seay
@jim-seay   14 years ago
Your accomplishments are terrific, Dale...but, from the start it has been obvious you're a born champion. The way to preserve and builo on that legacy is to do what you've done...including remaining humble.A lot of guys have found it's a long fall from ridng a "high horse".Jim Seay
Dale Dodge Jr
@dale-dodge-jr   14 years ago
Thanks, Jim, I keep the best composure that I can on and off the track. Never forget where I come from, or where I am going. I may try to do some dirt racing next year. Not sure what just yet, limmited late, modified, or sprint and would still like to race asphalt as well. I will let you all know! Thanks for all the encouragement from all! Enjoy the races, Your racing friend, Dale Dodge Jr., 'DAD Racing'
Jim Seay
@jim-seay   14 years ago
Hiya Dale,I had the opportunity to meet with Jordan Anderson yesterday. It seems you two guys are a whole lot alike and, he says, you've raced on the same tracks. If you care to contact him, his e-mail addres is jordan@jordanandersonracing.com. His primary web site is jordanandedrsonracing.com.He does his own PR, as you do, and hosts a couple of web sites. Hey, when you guys go head-to-head in a few years in the Cup series, it's gonna be hard for me to choose favorites. Actually, I always pull for the guy who needs the win.Jordan's mentor and primary promoter is H.A."Humpy" Wheeler who recently stepped aside as president of Lowe's Speedway.Muchy of the influence in NASCAR has come from Humpy and also from Jim Hunter, both native South Carolinians...Jordan and Humpy are both from my home town, Columbia.Keep up the superb work and keep in touch.Jim
Clance' McClannahan
@clance-mcclannahan   14 years ago
A little late but better than never! Congrats Dale! I look forward to following you next season.