Thanks to All
Dale Dodge Jr
Sunday March 21 2010, 11:34 AM
I would just like to say thank you to all for birthday wishes, turned 17 on the 17th! I had a great day. We worked very hard all week, on Saturday was ready to load car and no clutch. We really didn't have time to even letter the car, so we were late getting to Lancaster Speedway. with no practice I won my heat race with a car that was pushing in the turn. We made some adjustments...a little too far and the car was way too loose in the feature. I had second for quite a few laps then settled for third. Not a bad run for the first time out. I'm still looking for the win, and Sponsorship! Best wishes to all and have a great week! Dale Dodge Jr
Ricky J. Coody
@ricky-j-coody   12 years ago
Way to go driver! The sign of a great driver is to make good results out of difficult circumstances. Third sho' ain't bad driver!!! STAND ON IT DALE!! Rick & Kim