• Battle at Bristol
  • Bird Bath
  • The Party's Over
  • wangs 'n' thangs
  • "Rough Day at Darlington - 1957"
  • poultry hauler
  • We Don't need no Stinking Guard Rails
Cody Dinsmore
@cody-dinsmore   11 years ago
OMG! That looks like a picture, and when it was rotating on the homepage, I thought it was a picture! Excellent work!!!!!
Dave Fulton
@dave-fulton   11 years ago
Very, very nice!
Dan McCrary
@dan-mccrary   11 years ago
Thanks, Cody, Dave, and Robbie!
David hoy
@david-hoy   8 years ago
Dan, that is a great painting! I'm trying to find out more about Bill McMahan's Pontiac, so that I can replicate it. Do you have any photos which show the rest of the car? What about the full sponsor name, and what color his number was? It would really help me out a lot, because i can't find any pictures of that car at all!
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