David Bailey


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Billy Scott in the World 600 at Charlotte 1973.
Billy & Barbara Scott
@billy-barbara-scott   11 years ago
David, for your contribution and you are right , we did not have, nor seen this photo. You have just made the day for a retired driver!!! Wish everone who has some pictures of any of our race cars would post them as you have done!!! There are some videos out there somewhere of Dale Sr's last visit to Volucia Mall in Daytona. He called Billy up to the stage and introduced him to the crowd of people. We saw many people taping, but have no way of getting the word out that we are looking for a copy of a video tape. Benny Parsons sent us an audio copy and was also trying to find a video, prior to his death, for Billy. Maybe God will send someone our way who does have a copy. That's our prayer. God bless David and we love you, Billy and Barbara Scott
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