• Red Farmer
  • Gil Hearne/Tom Durkin Race Team
  • A Georgia "skeeter"
  • Stuart Guild in the "Other Flying 11"
  • Bob McGinnis in the Frank Edwards coupe, this ones for Andy Towler
  • Maynard Troyer, Snyder photo
  • Tommy Houston Ford Falcon
  • Marty and another Mopar late model
  • Butch Isom #51 sedan
  • Butch Lindley photo comp by David Bentley
  • Gerald Compton in the 00 sedan.
  • Donlavey Coupe and Hauler
  • Red Farmer photo comp by David Bentley
  • Joe Holly 1962
  • Neil Bonnett
  • Gil in the Kenny Andrews coupe, this car played a part in the beginning of the Alabama Gang
  • Supers & Skeeters at Athens Speedway in GA.
  • Ray hangs it on the wall at Southside Speedway
  • James Hayes in the 97 "Bumble Bee"
  • The Evans team cars, John Grady photo
  • Jerry Taylor 63 Ford Fairlane
  • Marty & crew with the "Devil Woman" coupe
  • Melvin Bradley in the 301 at Trenton, NJ
  • Freddy Fryar photo comp by David Bentley
  • Geoff Bodine hitches a ride on Satch Worley's air cleaner at Martinsville
  • Junie with 36 Chevy coupe
  • Bobby Allison photo comp by David Bentley
  • L.C. Whaley 1963 BIR
  • Sonny Black 1962 Birmingham Fairgrounds
  • Gil Hearne with his own #29 coupe
  • Skeeters going at it.
  • The Tant/Mitchell Camaro got bent pretty good at Thompson Speedway in CT
  • Max Berrier in the Clyde Barbour Indian Head #12
  • Carl Burris at Trenton, Bob Burd photo
  • Bill Elliot 64 Ford Falcon
  • My tribute to Marty, one of the good guys.
  • Earl Moss
  • Dale Earnhardt photo comp by David Bentley
  • Perk Brown, Clay Earles & Mike Stefanik.
  • Red Foote in Donlavey coupe
  • Neil Bonnett photo comp by David Bentley
  • 14jr1966
  • Sonny Black with stuck throttle
  • Gil Hearne creation dirt/asphalt coupe
  • NVRA Vintage club skeeters, yep they still race them.
  • Paul Radford & the Clarence Pickurel #26 sedan
  • Johnny Bryant sedan at Martinsville, Walt Wimer photo
  • Richie Massing in the Dick Barney #14 sedan, John Grady photo
Mike Ray
@mike-ray   11 years ago
Man,that's some good stuff!I added it to my favorites;what a piece of art.I'm giving you a heart for that one.
Leon Phillips
@leon-phillips   11 years ago
5 Star`s on the Ala Gang great stuff
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