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My brother, Frank Steelman, Jr built and maintain sportsman/modified cars for regular drivers 1949-65 Shorty York, Pee Wee Jones, Ned Jarrett, Bobby Isaac...

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Sportsman/modified car owner/builders Raced from 1949-65.  Frank Steelman (died 1957) & Frank Steelman Jr until 1965.  Main drivers were Shorty York, Pee Wee Jones, Ned Jarrett, Bobby Isaac, & Ken Rush.   Won modified track championships at BGS (W-S) & Rambi (Myrtle Beach).   Had 8-10 multi win weekends.   Best win was May 1, 1960 Hickory, Spring 200 with Bobby Isaac as driver, also won night before at Columbia SC. Two poles at big races, Moyock (dog track) 1/4 dirt, 120 modifieds showed up for 1959 national modified championship, finished second, Eddie Crouse #269 won race.  The other pole was 1963 Asheville/Weaverville 1/2 mile asphalt, 35 modifieds led for 195/200 laps, pinion in rear end failed, Brett Hearn won.  Steelman's Raced from Daytona beach course to Syracuse mile and many local tracks in between.  Other drivers who drove one or two times were Curtis Turner, Tom Webster, Eddie Crouse, Ray Platte, Earl Moss, Rex White, Billy Myers & Mel Larson (USAC).  They built and kept their cars in Boonville NC all Fords.

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Ray Platte died driving Frank Steelman Jr #9 36 Chevy/modified ford.  Ken Rush was regular driver but had broke ankle playing softball.  Ray may have had a heart attack crashing into third turn wall while running third.  Ray was the only driver from 1949-65 to every get hurt driving Steelman Motor Co cars.  I am David Steelmam and was in attendance that night!

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