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Kenny Berends took a wild ride at Sportsman Park in 1955 in this car. Ken bought a back-up car from another driver and we transferred all the useable parts and pieces from this car to the new one and were in the feature the next week.
Bobby Williamson
@bobby-williamson   12 years ago
Great shot, Denny! Where was Sportsman Park?
denny hudock2
@denny-hudock2   12 years ago
Sportsman Park was located just outside of Cleveland, in Bedford, OH. Originally built by Al Capone to be a dog racing track, but betting laws never passed. Raced midgets form 37-41 and 46-51, when the Sportsman Division coupes took over. Averaged crowds from 6-8,00 and topped 10,00 a couple of time for MARC New car races. Usually 100-120 cars in the pits from all over OH and Western, PA. With crowds like that, they paid a bigger purse. I was just a kid, but I never missed, even if it meant thumbing a ride, and then sittting in someone's race car going home.
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