Diane Sox


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Jack Thomas
@jack-thomas   11 years ago
Amazing, I couldn't walk throught the pits with out getting dirty. They're SPOTLESS, they could have been golfing. Cars were the same way.
Diane Sox
@diane-sox   11 years ago
Hi Jack,I've been very blessed in that many of Ronnie and Buddy's fans have sent me so many pictures from their hey day. You are so right in that they were spotless. Ronnie and Buddy always prided themselves on being neat. Heck, even their mechanic Jake King was spotless. To this day, if you see Buddy Martin he hasn't changed a bit and looks like he stepped off GQ Magazine always dressed to the nines... WHen I have after the Hemi raffle is over I plan to post a lot of other pictures that I have received from numerous fans, sponsors and track owners. Thank you for your nice comment.
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