• Don Garlits & Bike
  • 1940 Ford 4 door Sedan
  • Original 1939 Ford Hemi powered coupe
  • Museum
  • Side shot of 36, today
  • Lowery Park, Tampa
  • 40 Ford, Museum lawn
  • 40 Ford, Sarasota
  • Big in Silver Suit
  • Getting the Keys,1962
  • Garlits-Head-59
  • Columbus Launch
  • The scoreboard 2003 Gators
  • SR 34 Garlits Hero Card
  • Bakersfield Final, 65
  • King Rat Rod
  • 12828 Neb.Ave.Don & Ed Garlits
Eugene Coard
@eugene-coard   12 years ago
That Pic. of Don brought back my memories, my bike was a land cruser, with a box in the middle full of D cell batterys. I had head light, signal lights, brake light, all hand control. This was in 1949 Even then i wonted to do something different so did Don. He had head light and tail light. We rode 3 miles to the movie every Thursday night to see Buster Crab, Lash Larue, and Bob Steel. My Bike look like a car, coming down the dirt road. smile Eugene.
John Potts
@john-potts   12 years ago
That's cool, Big! Never figured you for the Eagle Scout type, but then you always did a good job of everything you tried.
Don Teague
@donald-teague   12 years ago
Hey Don, Did you have Nitro in that can strapped between top bars on that bike?
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