Cale versus fire truck

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I was nearby and heard the"hit". I shot this pretty quick.
Dave Fulton
@dave-fulton   9 years ago
A great Richmond memory.
Dennis  Garrett
@dennis-garrett   9 years ago
Richmond 400
Richmond Fairgrounds Speedway
March 7, 1976
This race accident developed when the 6th caution came out with 12 laps to go in the race.
Trying to hard to catch race leader Richard Petty's #43 ailing blue-and-red Dodge (lost 2 cylinders and running on 6 cylinders).
2nd place Cale Yarborough lost control of his #11 Holly Farm Chevrolet in the 4th turn. He hit the outside railing, shot across the track and nailed the pit wall, sliding the length of it and came to abrupt halt after hitting the front end bumper of the Henrico County, Va. fire truck.
Dave Marcis #71 K&K Dodge won the race.
Richard Petty #43 STP Dodge came in 2nd Place.
Bobby Allison # 2 CAM2 Mercury was 1 lap down and came in 3rd Place.
Cale Yarborough #11 Holly Farm Chevrolet was 12 laps came in 4th Place.
Cale Yarborough told the the reporters that, "I just lost it," in his haste to catch Richard Petty.
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