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Jay Sellers
@jay-sellers   11 years ago
Great video!.Jeff's song sure fits this one.
Warren Carpenter
@warren-carpenter   11 years ago
Great video! Thanks for sharing. I drove my '40 Ford coupe from Texas two years ago and enjoyed the festival. I've got to go back! My father-in-law's restored orange #32 race car (Paul Gose aka "The Ghost") was there on display last year.
Dana Gunwall
@dana-gunwall   11 years ago
Great job Dustin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As usual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm tickled that I was in it this year as well!!!!
Jim Wilmore
@jim-wilmore   11 years ago
Wonderful job, thanks for sharing it with us.
Tim Hamm
@tim-hamm   10 years ago
Now that's a good video.Thanks for sharing Dustin!
Jay Sellers
@jay-sellers   10 years ago
I'm getting more and more good feedback from this video.I'm proud to be a part of it.Dustin is really the best I've met yet at this.
Cody Dinsmore
@cody-dinsmore   10 years ago
I can't wait till this year's event! Just 4 weeks away! Hope to see a lot of Racers Reunion Folks down there.
Robert Turner
@robert-turner   9 years ago
This is down in my part of the country. I only spent one day there this year and it was at the car show, I didn't get to make it into town. Maybe we can have a get together there next year.
Cody Dinsmore
@cody-dinsmore   9 years ago
Man...every time I see this it makes me more excited till the Festival. Well, atleast I only live here! lol
Jay Sellers
@jay-sellers   9 years ago
If I'm ever feeling down, all I have to do is watch this and I have to smile.