Back in the day, Nascar was the epitome of sports. Now, it's a complete freakin' joke.

Screw Brian France and bring in someone who will make Nascar a real sport again.

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Santina Wood
@santina-wood   3 years ago
It sure would be nice to see a REAL race again..... I don't know if I could stand it.
Eric Cardona
@eric-cardona   3 years ago
It'd be worth the $180 for 2 adults at Darlington
Reggie Strickland
@reggie-strickland   3 years ago
Get rid of restrictor plates by going to 1" spoiler and 8" tires.They will figure it out or crash.When you are found illegal you lose all points and money as if you didn't participate.I have carried many legal motor home in a box just to have to put it back together for next week.If the big boys want to play with the kids they should not receive money either.There are people there to make a living.In Nationwide the money and points should be awarded to the regulars only in the order that they finish omitting all others that do not collect points
Sandeep Banerjee
@sandeep-banerjee   3 years ago
I think the most important thing is to make sure the front ends dont touch the ground. This can be done very easily and would no longer aid the lead car as what happens now is the lead car is the only one that's completely sealed off to the ground in the front while those behind are slightly off the ground and losing downforce. If you do this, the racing will be a lot better at all tracks, esp the high speed ovals that make up the bulk.
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