Eric Cardona
02/08/14 11:19:56AM
My series/schedule

I will edit this over time with more tracks. My series is called the Nascar Throwback Series, where you can outfit any old street car with a rollbar, deck it out, and race. The schedule starts the Wednesday after the Ford EcoBoost 400, and will race year-round.

Schedule (as of 2/8/14)

  1. Green Earth Technologies 200 @ Bowman-Gray Stadium
  2. Cheerwine 200 @ Rockingham Speedway
  3. Whelen 200 @ Caraway Speedway
  4. VP Racing Fuels 100 @ Fayetteville Motor Speedway
  5. Autry Grading 100 @ Rockfish Speedway
  6. Tim Wilson Memorial 500 @ Rockfish Speedway Go-Kart Track
  7. O'Reilly Auto Parts 200 @ Rockfish Speedway
Bryant Kiser


I am doing research on my grandfather racing career. His name was Ike Kiser. He started out building race cars from roughly1949 until 1960. He...
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original sox and martin chrysler transmission complete with hurst shifter and mechanism

I have just come upon an original sox and martin 4 speed transmission with the hurst competition shifter. A very dear friend of mine named Dale...
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Nice Tribute with many unpublished never seen pics
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Terry Witzel

Bill Drevo Jr. Z/28

Bill Drevo 1968 Z/28 Camaro
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james dale broderick


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Doyle Price

Contact Address

Does anyone have a contact address for Arnie? Can't seem to find anything on the internet. I need one car autographed and need to know his...
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Doug Boyce

Comet Pro Stock

Im looking to contact the owner of the teams Pro Stock Comet. Please drop me a line at the email below if you can help. Thanks, Doug...
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Jeff Gilder

Racin and Rockin Radio Previous Shows

We archive our past shows at . But, if you missed the live performance on Monday nights, we replay the shows in...
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Johnny Mallonee

another great drag strip from yesteryear 96 drag Strip middle ga

Out on Hiway 96 was where Houston County Dragway was born, alongside the quarter mile dirt track in the 60's Many a racer went there to drag...
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Johnny Mallonee


The great Camp wheeler Drag strip was our favorite hang out during my highschool years. Its gone now but not forgotten.. Anyone remember Camp...
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