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Wayne Wilson's Passing

RacersReunion® OUTREACH

RIP Wayne , God Bless the family. Every time I met Wayne he always greeted me with a big smile like he had known me all his life.

Dennis Andrews
02/22/18 02:10:05PM
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Junie Donlavey / Bill Dennis 3rd Consecutive Daytona Permatex 300 Win - Feb. 16, 1974

Stock Car Racing History

Here is a picture of the window net I have. The netting is a little heavier than volleyball netting, almost like basketball netting but not as stretchy. Not sure when NASCAR went to all webbing on the window nets but I ran similar to this in the 80's on short tracks.

photo 1.JPG

Dennis Andrews
02/19/18 01:43:29PM
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Junie Donlavey / Bill Dennis 3rd Consecutive Daytona Permatex 300 Win - Feb. 16, 1974

Stock Car Racing History

Mr. Garrett,

If my memory is correct the #00 had a Holman-Moody window net. It had white netting and webbing around the outside and the horizontal webbing that runs just above the door had a H-M label sown in it. I still have one that may have been the one used on this car, at the very least it is just like it in shape and color. The top front corner of the net was angled to fit along the A post. This was done to get the front of the net forward enough to also help keep the drivers hand and forearm inside the car.

Dennis Andrews
01/29/18 10:17:50AM
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1972 Inver House Bama 200

Stock Car Racing History

Thanks Dave. Mom and Dad's house was broken into last year and they made off with some jewelry that included his Championship ring. If anyone sees it on the old inter web let me know.

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01/24/18 04:09:41PM
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1972 Inver House Bama 200

Stock Car Racing History

Inver House Bama 200

Talladega International Motor Speedway

Saturday, August 5, 1972

The fourth race of the 1972 season for the Grand American Challenge Series brought the cars to Talladega for the 3rd edition of the Bama 200 on the 4 mile road course and was the 5th points race of the year. The event was sanctioned by both NASCAR and IMSA. Four classes of IMSA cars and the Grand American cars would compete on the road course at the same time for separate purses. The Grand American cars were inspected by NASCAR and the Camel GT cars were inspected by IMSA with both groups having separate garages and pit areas. The four classes of IMSA Camel GT cars were GTO, GTU, TO and TU with engine size being the primary difference in the classes. There were 37 Camel GT cars and 15 GA cars. The events title sponsor was Inver House Distillers Limited, makers of Scottish Malt Wiskey.

Paul Tyler earned the pole position for the GA cars in a Camaro. Dr. Wilbur Pickett was the first car across the finish line in a Camel GT Corvette a little over a lap ahead of Tiny Lund who was the first GA car across the line. H.B. Bailey and Lund had battled for the GA lead early but Bailey faded and Lund went on to put a lap on the second GA car of Paul Tyler. The GA purse was a little over $15,000 and the IMSA purse was $12,000.

Grand American Results

Fin.       St.            Driver                                  #                Car                       Laps       Status

1                           Tiny Lund                           55           ’72 Firebird              49           Running

2              1            Paul Tyler                          79           ’69 Camaro              48           Running

3                            Roy Stamey                       25           ’69 Camaro              48           Running

4                            Wayne Andrews                 97           ’70 Mustang             46           Running

5                            Randy Bannister                 26           ’69 Camaro              44           Running

6                            Ernie Shaw                        17           ’70 Mustang             42           Engine

7                            Rick Newsom                     07           ’69 Cougar               42           Running

8                            H. B. Bailey                        36           ’72 Firebird              33          

9                            Gary Myers                        41           ’70 Mustang             32           Engine

10                          Billy Hagan                         52           ’70 Mustang             29           Running

11                          Glenn Brewer                      19           ’69 Camaro              19           Engine

12                          Jimmy Lee Capps                 90           ‘69 Camaro              5            Engine

13                          Richard Childress                               ’69 Camaro               4             

14                          Herb Kanady                       23           ’69 Camaro               1             

15                          Joe Hollingsworth                16           ’70 Mustang              0             


Tiny Lund Pontiac Firebird

When the Grand American competitors left Talladega the only thing they knew about the future of the series was that there were no more GA races on the schedule. No announcements from the governing body came out. Most all of them had plenty of races to prepare for though in the Grand National East, Late Model Sportsman, USAC, ARCA and even Winston Cup series.

Point Standings after Talladega

  1. Wayne Andrews 655.50
  2. Ernie Shaw 511.75
  3. H.B. Bailey 467.50
  4. Jimmy Capps 432.25
  5. Tiny Lund 408.25
  6. Bobby Allison 341.00
  7. Baxter Price 329.00
  8. Glenn Brewer 323.50
  9. Paul Tyler 322.75
  10. Buck Baker 285.25
  11. AL Straub 246.00
  12. Max Berrier 243.25
  13. Stick Elliott 238.00
  14. Billy Hagan 214.00
  15. Bob Williams 209.50
  16. David Boggs 208.25
  17. Jim Hailey 203.25
  18. Jeff Haar 198.25
  19. Herb Kanady 173.00
  20. James Hylton 156.25
  21. Pee Wee Wentz 144.75
  22. Jim Paschal 143.50
  23. Jerry Hufflin 142.00
  24. Rick Newsom 140.50
  25. Gary Myers 130.75
  26. Bill Chevalier 123.50
  27. Roy Stamey 91.25
  28. Richard Childress 81.00
  29. Bob Jusola 68.75
  30. Bobby Watson 68.00
  31. T. C. Hunt 67.75
  32. Pete Hamilton 66.75
  33. Don Miller 64.75
  34. T.C. Hunt 62.75
  35. Tommy Andrews 60.75
  36. Jimmy Vaughn 59.50

At the end of the season the point standings after Talladega became the final standings and Wayne Andrews was named the 1972 Grand American Champion. Wayne was the only driver to earn points in all five events and the only driver to have three top five finishes. The new point system was designed to place an emphasis on miles completed in competition and even though Wayne did not win a race he did that better than any other GA driver. Superspeedways awarded more points than short tracks and bonus points were awarded for each lap of competition with longer tracks giving more bonus points than short tracks.  Bob Williams of Jackson, Miss. was named the 1972 GA Rookie of the Year and Tiny Lund was voted Most Popular GA Driver.

1972 Southern Motor Sports.jpg


Ken Piper presents Wayne Andrews with Championship trophy

And now the other part of the Inver House Bama 200

Camel GT Results

Fin.       St.            Driver                                  #                Car                       Laps       Group

1                           Wilbur Pickett                      2              Corvette                 50           1. GTO

2                           Tony DeLorenzo                  78             Corvette                 49           2. GTO

3                           Dan Daughtry                     94             Corvette                  49          3. GTO

4                           Gene Felton                        95             Camaro                   49          4. GTO

5                           Tom Hehl                           47             Camaro                   48           1. TO

6                           Hurley Haywood                 59             Porsche                   48           1. GTU

7                           Michael Keyser                   1               Porsche                   48           2. GTU

8                           John O’Steen                      43             Porsche                   46           3. GTU

9                           Phil Currin                          99             Corvette                  46           5. GTO

10                         Pete Harrison                      0               Porsche                   46           4. GTU

11                         John Floyd                          18             Corvette                  45           6. GTO

12                         Vince Gimondo                    27             Camaro                   45           2. TO

                             Bill Dingman

13                          Robert Stoddard                  6              Porsche                   44           5. GTU

                             Frank Harmstad

14                          John Elliot                           80           Camaro                     41           3. TO

15                          Dennis Shaw                       88           Opel                          40           1. TU

                             Steve Coleman

16                          Pat McIntyre                       85            Camaro                     39           4. TO

                             Dave Perelle

17                          Bob Christiansen                 72            Camaro                      38           5. TO

18                          Clay Young                         7             Camaro                       37           6. TO

19                          John Diamanti                     86           Alfa Romeo                  37           2. TU

20                          Robert Henning                   21           Javelin                         34           7. TO

                             Russ Norburn

21                          Garrett Waddell                   15           Corvette                       33           7. GTO

22                          Bert Gafford                        89           Camaro                        25           8. TO

23                          Lynn South                         34           Corvette                        22           8. GTO

24                          Don Duplass                       84           Escort                           14           3. TU

25                          Ralston Long                       9            Corvette                        9             9. GTO

26                          Richard Presnell                   77          Shelby GT                      1             10. GTO

                             Bill Shaw

27                          H.W. Alexander                    30          Pinto                             1             4. TU

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1972 PAUL REVERE 250

Stock Car Racing History

Dennis, Tommy Andrews is from Alabama if I remember correctly and no kin to us, at least not close kin. Here is a picture of Tommy in 1969.

Tommy Andrews.jpg

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1972 PAUL REVERE 250

Stock Car Racing History


Daytona International Speedway

Friday, July 3, 1972

The third stand alone race of the 1972 season for the Grand American Challenge Series brought the cars back to Daytona Beach Florida for the 6th edition of the Paul Revere 250 on the 3.81 mile road course and the 4th points race of the year. The event was opened for GN drivers to enter and IMSA drivers. Bobby Allison signed on to drive the Melvin Joseph Mustang.  Dr. Wilbur Pickett would team up with H.B. Bailey in one of Bailey’s Firebirds. SCCA and IMSA regulars Javier Garcia, Tom Nehl and Vince Gimondo also fielded entries.

Bobby Allison averaged a speed of 108.066 mph to earn the pole position with H.B. Bailey along side in a Firebird at a speed of 107.380 mph. Wilbur Pickett started third at 105.790 mph with Wayne Andrews in a Mustang fourth at 105.390 mph. Jimmy Lee Capps at 104.103 mph in a Camaro was fifth with Havier Garcia sixth at 102.929 mph. Randy Bannister was seventh at 102.378 mph and Ernie Shaw eighth at 98.875 mph. Baxter Price was ninth at 98.013 mph and Jerry Huflin tenth at 97.087 mph. Billy Hagan was eleventh with Jimmy Vaughn the next fastest but did not make the grid. Jim Paschal started 12th after posting a speed of 107.952 mph in a Camaro that would have been good enough for a front row position but it came in the second round of qualifying.

At the drop of the green on the back stretch it was Allison taking the lead until his brakes began to fade giving Bailey the chance to move to the front. After 13 laps Allison was in the garage with no brakes. Early mechanical trouble also side lined Jim Paschal and Tiny Lund. By this time Vince Gimondo had moved from the 21st starting spot to second behind Bailey. Vince had posted a qualifying speed of 104.293 mph which would have been good enough to put him in the fifth starting spot but because he had to remove an electric fuel pump, move the battery and obtain steel wheels to meet NASCAR rules he missed the first qualifying session. By lap 44 Andrews had dropped a valve leaving only Bailey and Gimondo to challenge for the win. Bailey led a total of 45 laps and had the advantage on the big track but Gimondo was better on the road course, they dueled for the lead until Bailey spun and when he spun the second time he tore out the transmission ending his day after 58 laps. 61 laps was the total for last years winner, Buck Baker, as he watched the end of the race from pit road. Gimondo cruised to victory by over a lap on second place finisher Tom Nehl and four laps ahead of third place finisher Jimmy Capps. Baker placed fourth.

Gimondo collected $4,750 of the $19,550 purse and was his second win at Daytona that year. 

Fin.       St.            Driver                            #             Car                   Laps       Status

1          21           Vince Gimondo                 38           ’71 Camaro         67         Running

2                         Tom Nehl                        41           ’71 Camaro         66         Running

3          5             Jimmy Lee Capps             90           ‘69 Camaro         63         Running

4                         Buck Baker                      87           ’72 Firebird         61         DNF

5          9             Baxter Price                     3             ’69 Camaro         61         Running

6          8             Ernie Shaw                      17           ’70 Mustang        60         Running

7          3             Wilbur Pickett                  96            ’72 Firebird         59         Running

8          2             H. B. Bailey                     36            ’72 Firebird         58         Tranny

9          6             Javier Garcia                   42            ’71 Camaro         56         Running

10                       Pee Wee Wentz               5              ’69 Camaro        55          Running

11                       Joe Hollingsworth            16            ’70 Mustang                      

12        4             Wayne Andrews               97            ’70 Mustang       43          Engine

13        7             Randy Bannister               26            ’69 Camaro                        

14                       Herb Kanady                    23            ’69 Camaro       19          

15                       Billy Hagan                      52            ’70 Mustang      19          

16        1             Bobby Allison                   49            ’70 Mustang      13           Brakes

17        10           Jerry Hufflin                     75            ’69 Camaro                        

18        12           Jim Paschal                      14            ’72 Camaro        2             

19                       Tiny Lund                        55            ’72 Firebird        2             

20                       Jim Hailey                        4             ’71 Javelin         1             

21                       Bobby Fleming                  54           ’70 Camaro        0             


Bobby Allison first on the starting grid.


Orlando Porsche dealer Vince Gimondo, easy to see why they called him Vince Kojack.

Postcard image300dpi.jpg

Wayne Andrews with the Jack StClair Pipeline Special

Point Standings after Daytona

  1. Wayne Andrews 504
  2. Ernie Shaw 369.25
  3. Jimmy Capps 348
  4. Bobby Allison 341
  5. H.B. Bailey 340.25
  6. Baxter Price 329
  7. Buck Baker 285.25
  8. Tiny Lund 247
  9. AL Straub 246
  10. Max Berrier 243.25
  11. Stick Elliott 238
  12. Glenn Brewer 219.75
  13. Bob Williams 209.50
  14. David Boggs 208.25
  15. Jim Hailey 203.25
  16. Jeff Haar 198.25
  17. Paul Tyler 164.75
  18. James Hylton 156.25
  19. Pee Wee Wentz 144.75
  20. Jim Paschal 143.5
  21. Jerry Hufflin 142
  22. Gary Myers 130.75
  23. Bill Chevalier 123.50
  24. Herb Kanady 97.75
  25. Billy Hagan 95.75
  26. David Boggs 83
  27. Bob Jusola 68.75
  28. Bobby Watson 68
  29. T. C. Hunt 67.75
  30. Pete Hamilton 66.75
  31. Don Miller 64.75
  32. Tommy Andrews 60.75
  33. Jimmy Vaughn 59.50
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Racing History Minute - October 31, 1965

Stock Car Racing History

If memory serves me correctly dad was at this race and told me that Curtis stopped on pit road after the race, got out, sat on the car and downed 2 beers before climbing back in the car and going to victory lane. No wasting of a beverage then like they do today by spraying it all over the place.

Dennis Andrews
09/22/17 03:17:32PM
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1972 Bowman Gray 100

Stock Car Racing History


Bowman Gray Stadium

Saturday, April 8, 1972

The second stand alone race for the Grand American Challenge Series in 1972 was the Bowman Gray 100 at the historic Bowman Gray Stadium ¼ mile paved track in Winston-Salem. It was the 3rd race where drivers could earn championship points.

The event was broadcast live nation-wide, with a 100 mile radius black out, by ABC’s Wide World of Sports hosted by Jim McKay and sportscaster Bill Flemming. Commentary was provided by the editor of National Speed Sport News Chris Economaki. The 40 lap modified race was videotaped.

42 drivers filed entries for 24 starting spots. In addition to the GA drivers GN drivers Bobby Allison, David Pearson, Buddy Baker (in his dad’s Firebird), Lee Roy Yarbrough (in #10 Camaro) and Pete Hamilton (in the #92 Camaro, I think the same one Hylton drove at Daytona) made qualifying runs. Stadium standouts Max Berrier drove Reid Shaws Mustang and Don Miller drove a Camaro. Stick Elliott and Mike Humphries also landed rides for the event. Former GT Champ and stadium regular Ken Rush returned to action as well. Track manager Joe Hawkins expected a large crowd designating it “Ladies Day” with women getting in free but the cold weather hurt the attendance with an estimated gate of 8,000 but the stands did not appear to be half full.

Time trials set the starting grid for three 10 lap heat races. The top seven finishers in each heat moved on the 100 lap feature. The final 3 spots were determined by qualifying times of those finishing outside to top seven in the heat races. David Pearson sat on the pole with a record time of 16.49 sec. in one of H.B. Bailey’s Firebirds and won the first heat. Ken Rush won the second heat and started on the outside front row and Bobby Allison started third by winning the last heat in the Melvin Joseph Mustang.

Racing at the Stadium has always been an up close affair involving contact like the game played inside the bull ring and it became apparent at the drop of the green. Ken Rush started on the outside of the front row but did not make it out of the first corner when contact from H.B. Bailey sent him into the guard rail ending his day. “Bailey just plowed right through me, he was driving like he had lost his mind.” Rush commented later. Third place starter Bobby Allison was also involved but was able to continue after going to the back of the field. When they went back under the green it was Pearson out front soon to be followed by Jim Paschal who had avoided the opening lap crash and moved up from the 9th place starting position. As the leaders came off turn four to complete lap 40 Randy Bannister was in the outside lane passing slower traffic when his Camaro blew the engine going down the front stretch. Bannister ended up in the turn one fence as the outside lane got jammed up, Pearson could not get to the inside because of traffic but Paschal just behind him found a hole and jumped to the inside and clipped a little grass getting past the crash and taking the lead. Pearson ended up at the tail end of the lead lap cars and Paschal built up a good lead on the restart. By lap 81 Pearson had made his way to second when Lee Roy Yarbrough spun in turn 2 bringing out the yellow for the fourth time allowing Pearson to make up the gap on Paschal. They only ran a few laps under green before turn 2 was again the site of a spinning car, this time it was Pete Hamilton. Hamilton’s Camaro stalled bringing out the 5th and final caution which set up a duel to the finish between Paschal and Pearson. Paschal kept his Firebird in the groove and never gave Pearson a chance to make a move and they finished bumper to bumper. Gary Myers was third in a Mustang and Max Berrier brought his Mustang home in 4th on 7 cylinders. Bobby Allison recovered from the first lap mishap to finish 5th with a lot of wrinkled sheet metal but not before rubbing Tiny Lund the wrong way. Allison had no comment on Lund saying he had one coming. On a lighter note Yarbrough joked “I didn’t know whether to run or pass so I just punted. They should play football here and forget the racing.” Pearson may have enjoyed the race more than Paschal as he commented “I had a ball. I could have won by spinning him out but I did not want to be dirty. I did bump him a time or two to make sure he knew I was there. It was a lot of fun.” Paschal said “I wasn’t too worried about him. It is hard to pass at this place, I figured I could keep him behind me.”

Paschal collected $2,500 of the $16,365 purse. 

Fin.       St.            Driver                               #                Car                       Laps       Status

1             9            Jim Paschal                      14           ’71 Firebird             100         Running

2             1            David Pearson                  96           ’71 Firebird             100         Running

3             8            Gary Myers                      41           ’70 Mustang            100         Running

4             23          Max Berrier                      15           ’72 Mustang            100         Running

5             3            Bobby Allison                   49           ’70 Mustang            100         Running

6             15          Stick Elliott                       57           ’72 Camaro             100         Running

7             4            H. B. Bailey                      36           ’71 Firebird             100         Running

8             10          Bobby Watson                  11           ’70 Camaro             100         Running

9             22          JaPete Hamilton                92           ’72 Camaro             99           Running

10           20          Mike Humphries                94           ’72 Camaro             99           Running

11           21          Don Miller                         99           ’70 Camaro            99           Running

12           17          Pee Wee Wentz                   5           ’69 Camaro            99           Running

13           16          T. C. Hunt                         88           ’69 Camaro            99           Running

14           7            Buddy Baker                      87           ’71 Firebird            99           Running

15           13          Tommy Andrews                21           ’69 Mustang           99           Running

16           5            Jimmy Vaughn                   7             ‘69 Camaro            98           Running

17           11          Lee Roy Yarbrough             10           ’69 Camaro            97           Running

18           24          Randy Hutchison                1             ’69 Camaro            96           Running

19           18          Finley Henderson                19           ’69 Camaro            82           Running

20           6            Tiny Lund                          55           ’72 Firebird            64           Flat tire

21           14          Randy Bannister                 26           ’69 Camaro            37           Engine

22           12          Wayne Andrews                 97           ’70 Mustang           30           DNF

23           19          Jeff Haar                           67           ’69 Camaro            30           Heating

24           2            Ken Rush                          44           ’69 Camaro            0             Wreck

The national exposure brought out some big names but it also cost some GA regulars some points. Al Straub, Bob Williams and Ernie Shaw did not make the field and Glenn Brewer put Finley Henderson in his car.

Personal Note: There were 5 cautions for 29 laps but not all incidents resulted in a yellow flag. Wayne Andrews spun off the bumper of Buddy Baker. The car came to rest on the grass on the inside of the racing surface. The car stalled with a flat tire and would not re-fire. Wayne was a spectator until the next caution putting him so far behind it was not worth continuing.



Randy Bannister watches track clean-up around his race car as Jim Paschal goes by under caution. It was this event that gave Paschal the opening to get by Pearson.

Point Standings after Bowman Gray

  1. Wayne Andrews 372.25
  2. Bobby Allison 183.75
  3. AL Straub 246
  4. Max Berrier 243.25
  5. Glenn Brewer 219.75
  6. Bob Williams 209.50
  7. David Boggs 208.25
  8. Ernie Shaw 204.25
  9. Jeff Haar 198.25
  10. H.B. Bailey 181.75
  11. Tiny Lund 180.50
  12. Joie Chitwood Jr. 175.25
  13. Jimmy Capps 173.25
  14. Stick Elliott 168
  15. Paul Tyler 164.75
  16. Baxter Price 160.75
  17. James Hylton 156.25
  18. Herb Adams 153
  19. Pee Wee Wentz 144.75
  20. Jerry Hufflin 142
  21. Mike Humphries 141
  22. Jim Hailey 140
  23. Gary Myers 130.75
  24. Bill Chevalier 123.50
  25. Buck Baker 115
  26. Vic Elford 107
  27. Randy Bannister 99
  28. Roy Stamey 91.25
  29. David Boggs 83
  30. Jim Paschal 75
  31. Charlie Blanton 70.75
  32. Bob Jusola 68.75
  33. Bobby Watson 68
  34. Pete Hamilton 66.75
  35. Don Miller 64.75
  36. T.C. Hunt 67.75
  37. Tommy Andrews 60.75
  38. Jimmy Vaughn 59.50
  39. Dave Dayton 52
  40. Tom Lilly 39.25

* Points calculated using written description of 1972 points system for both Daytona races (assuming all drivers were awarded points for their finishing position) and results that included points for the Bowman Gray race. Note that posted result that listed points awarded for the BG race listed no points for David Pearson, Stick Elliott, Mike Humphries, Buddy Baker, Lee Roy Yarbrough, Randy Hutchison, Finley Henderson, Tiny Lund and Ken Rush. They were not listed as a post entry so I don’t know why they got no points.

 / 83