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1966 undefeated season in class of D/Sp and "STREET ELIMINATOR" at New England Drag Way the Inaugural year of 1966.
Mike McCarthy
@mike-mccarthy   10 years ago
Great looking car, a couple of years before my time at the track in 68!!
Franklyn Jones
@franklyn-jones   9 years ago
Comment by Franklyn Jones on December 19, 2010 at 12:58pm
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I was inquiring with Jack Redd about photos from New England Drag Way on the Inaugural Year of 1966 when the track opened. Art Erwin was the photographer at that time and it was suggested that you and Art knew each other back then before he passed away. I am looking for any type of documentation from either Drag News or National Dragster who use to publish the weeks results. Drag News had something to do with Doug Herbert's Mother as the Publisher but I have not been able to contact her. I just recently got the email address for Bob Frey who from what I understand is a whiz at "The Old Days on the East Coast". I plan on asking him to delve into the N.H.R.A. old filed of National Dragster when he returns to the West Coast. My problem is the local car club "The Orientals" has many Members who are the children of "ALL THE PEOPLE I DESTROYED IN STREET ELIMINATOR". They totally deny that I even existed or my car (in spit of the picture and all other information I have) . The former President (Stu Lord) of the Orientals quit because of the practices of the club . N.H,R.A.'s 60th. Anniversary and New England Drag Way's 45th. Anniversary are coming up in the 2011 season and New England is going back to N.H.R.A. sanction . The first meet is set for July 22nd. and it has been suggested to me to get out in front of the opening day of the season so N.H.R.A. can recognize my accomplishment of going undefeated in street eliminator , taking down all the big guns on the East Coast to include Harr Fords Cobra , Debbs Speed Shop , The Hayseed , (all national record holders) and the Orangpeal of Pete Tropiano's along with The Paperboy by Bill Lerner. I infuriated the class winners when I was the first car up to the staging lanes for the first call for street eliminator (THE WEEK BEFORE I WAS SET TO GO OFF INTO THE SERVICE). Nobody would come to the line next to me , so everyone stalled around checking their dip sticks , tire pressure , cleaning their windshields , you get my idea I think. Then I got out of my car and TAUNTED THEM BY WAVING FOR THEM TO COME UP. The announcer said that if nobody came up next to me , I would get all the Money on a by run. I did not care I was 19 and going into the Service the next week. They have held a grudge against me for coming up on 45 years now. I was told by Bob Ranstrom (FLINTSTONE CHARGER A/FX) about seven years ago before he passed away that my name was always being submitted for nomination into the N.E.D.W. Hall of Fame and Was given a "BLACK MARBLE EVERY TIME" , the same reason the Stu Lord Quit the Club. I just need written documentation or photographs by the track photographer of my car. Since Art was the photographer and has passed away , I was hopping that you might have access to his older photographs of could direct me to someone who might have them , or even if you know the wear abouts of old Drag News editions from the 1966 season. Please excuse my jumping all around on the message because I have C.O.P.D. with only 20% lung capacity and would like to get "MY HISTORY AT THE TRACK" documented for my Children and Grandchildren. The singular picture I have posted is my only documentation to ever being at the track and nobody seams to remember me or the car. I thank you for your indulgence in reading this , if you would like to talk with me about my problem , my phone number is 508-987-0518 and my email is . thank you , franklyn jones
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