• bobby 54 gerhart 1968 eastern states 200
  • Brightbill/Epright Mid 70's
  • Jackie "77" Evans The Miami Hurricane
  • cagle evans ill speedway 5x7
  • Gary Balough 84 OCFS CRC Race
Bobby Williamson
@bobby-williamson   13 years ago
Gary, great shot! Could the body be a Crosley? RF door looks to be fabriated, trailer is super cool, as it the Dodge tow truck.........this was racing BEFORE money ruined it.
gary eckerson
@gary-eckerson   13 years ago
Bobby, I believe it was. They had a big ruckus over it at the time from what I remember because the rules like most tracks stated cars had to be all american made. It was a fast car but he was running against the likes of Will Cagle, and Buzzy Reutimann which usally made you be happy to finish in the top 5.
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