greg minter

Lester Gupton LMS 1979 Langley Speedway

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Lester never really had much success @ Langley, but he showed up every Sat. night. He just loved to get out there and have some fun... I always loved that #64 Nova, good-lookin' race car
greg minter
@greg-minter   13 years ago
I hear ya Robbie, just because one fanatical quasi-political group (the Ra*nbow Coalition) deems that flag to be a racist moniker doesn't make it so. If one particular race of people can be allowed to "proudly" display their heritage & flags of their ancestors w/o fear of reprisal or hate speech, then why can't the rebel flag be displayed equally in the same respect. I'm not racist or a hategroup member, but if it was to practice what it preaches, doesn't that RAINB*W supposed to assure equality for all colors, even Southern ones? It's Heritage, people...not hate!!(stepping off my soapbox, now...) Anyway, Robbie, Lester also had the Stars & Bars on the roof under the #64 as well
Bryan Keith Chandler
@bryan-keith-chandler   12 years ago
Lester was cool and friendly. First time I saw him race was in the grey 57 chevy with the rebel flag roof in the limited sportsmans.
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