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roy martin
@roy-martin   15 years ago
Mr. Reynolds, where is this museum at and is this still on display? Thanks, Roy
Harlow Reynolds
@harlow-reynolds   15 years ago
Hello Roy,This was at Ferrum Collage & Museum about two years ago. Its was there about two weeks &then they gave it back to the owner. L.O. Stanley was a genius,he made this intake and was a great engine builder. I think only two of these are know to be around. L.O. Stanley sonMelvin Stanley has them. He lives in Meadows of Dan , just up the road from Stuart,Va.Glen & Leonard Wood, Curtis Turner used Mr Stanley engine along with most of the best of the time. Mr Stanley worked for Holman & Moody in Charlotte N.C. and Ford Motor Co.His Ford flat head engines were 420 C.I. Two of these survive today. He made his own cams,crankshafts,and reworked practically every part of the engine. He invented a cross-fireengine in which two cylinders fire at the same time. Thats why he made his own Cams & Crankshafts. These were Ford Flat Head engines.Hope this helpsHarlow ReynoldsLynchburg,Va.-----hreynolds@earthlink.net
Pete Banchoff
@pete-banchoff   14 years ago
I'll be darn!!Pete
Jeff Gilder
@jeff-gilder   14 years ago
I saw another one of these a few months ago. Ronnie Thomas has one...I actually have some video of it somewhere.
Dennis Andrews
@dennis-andrews   12 years ago
Mr. Stanley said that the rules stated you had to be able to see only one carb so he was within the rules.
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