Augusta International Raceway Road Circuit
Henry Jones
Wednesday June 6 2012, 4:01 PM

Some photographs are beginning to come forward concerning the former three mile road circuit that was constructed in Hephzibah, Georgia (Augusta) in the early 1960's...............and we are looking for more so keep digging! These are copyright protected (from the Dave Friedman collection) and are on lone to the Dave MacDonald family so you must travel to these links to view:

Sorry, but only one or two photographs of stock cars on track have surfaced so please dig through your files and boxes in the attic so we can capture for future generations.

On photographs provided by the Dave MacDonald family especially note the grandstand area as this was a first class facility. The current Diamond Lakes Community Center sits just in front of this wonderful grandstand.


Dennis Andrews
@dennis-andrews   11 years ago
I don't have any pictures Henry but I did find this newspaper article dated 11-18-1963.