James Hylton

70 Ford Michigan

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Chuck Johnson
@chuck-johnson   16 years ago
James, This picture really brought back some good memories. Michagan was Larry's best track. I was always under foot at the shop in Lenoir. I was about 13years old at the time of this picture. I now leave in Boiling Springs just across the way from you. Chuck
@bumpertag   15 years ago
I think this picture was taken in 1971. I don't think Larry Smith in the #92 started racing till then. The back of his car has "RUN ROOKIE RUN" painted on the bumper.
Randy Simmons
@randy-simmons   15 years ago
This picture was taken in 1972 that is Larrys rookie car
John Betts
@john-betts   14 years ago
The picture is from 1971. I took it.
Rusty Galloway
@rusty-galloway   13 years ago
This photo is from the 1972 Yankee 400 at MIS. Larry Smith didn't run Michigan in his debut year of 1971. Additionally, James Hylton wasn't sponsored by Pop Kola until the 1972 season. The earlier race that year at MIS (Motor State 400) had James Hylton in a solid red car with the same sponsor.
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