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chargincharlie putzer
@chargincharlie-putzer   15 years ago
ken shrader is one of my favorites i could of accually had a job workin for kenny at his shop they did a convention when i worked at disney world florida and everymorning i would pick up popa joe from the show car trailer and drive him acroos the property to the convention and he offered me a job of coarse i didnt take it because of my family in a way i wish i had who know i may have been a cup driver by now ya rite but i always did like kenny hes a clean racer and a great driver and i have the utmost respect for him
chargincharlie putzer
@chargincharlie-putzer   15 years ago
is a honor to meet you jay and welcome to racersreunion a fan of racing is a friend of mine
Jay Sellers
@jay-sellers   15 years ago
Thanks for the kind remarks Chargincharlie. I like Ken too. We were partying with Tony and Beth Morganthall and they owned the BAM racing team at the time, so I had a hot pass and had a real ball at that race.I've got a lot more pics if you want to see them. How do you like the one with the blond crew member. My wife LOVED that one.
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