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I'm new here and so EXCITED to have found you.  My dad, John Jennings, raced on this track in the late 60s - early 70s.  I'm trying to put together some photos for his 76th birthday and specifically, I'm looking for a photo of "Spook" Crawford.  My dad built cars with him and of everyone, his name comes up the most.  Along with some others mixed in...Chubby Thompkins, Robert Johnson and Roy Tyner.  My dad stopped racing in 1973 and there are very few pictures available with him.  But he would be more thrilled to have pictures of his old friends anyway.  Thanks so much for starting this group.

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"Racing History Minute - November 2, 1969 "
"So excited to see this picture of my Dad, John Jennings. He is celebrating his 76th birthday and I’ve been trying to gather pictures like this. He... "
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