Jerry Donahue

What Is This ????

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Thanks to Eastern Museum of
Motor Racing....
York Spring , Pa....
Jeff Gilder
@jeff-gilder   10 years ago
Looks like it might be set of Ardun Hemi heads on a Ford ...flathead...?engine...hmmm.
Tim Leeming
@tim-leeming   10 years ago
I would guess this is a racing engine. Headers gave it away. lol
Pete Silva
@pete-silva   10 years ago
I believe it is the Ardun flathead.
Bobby Williamson
@bobby-williamson   10 years ago
It's an Ardun overhead -valve conversion for the flathead Ford. These heads featured "hemi" shaped chambers and are pretty pricey today!
John Pennington
@john-pennington   10 years ago
for more info go to
Jerry Sims
@jerry-sims   10 years ago
That was created by no less than Mr. Zora Arkus Duntov, the father of the Corvette and most of the mid-fifties Chevy performance stuff. How did Henry let this guy get away? Can you imagine what the Thunderbird would have been? The only "corvettes" would have been in the British Navy.
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