• Willie McDonald and 90
  • owner Lavrene Kendrick driver Eddie MacDonald
  • Bill Frances with 90
  • owner Lavrene Kendrick driver Eddie MacDonald
  • 90 on Daytona
  • owner Lavrene Kendrick driver Eddie MacDonald
  • Lavrene Kendrick at Daytona 1959
  • unknown Track
  • 90 X and Sam McQuagg
  • unknown Track
  • Sam McQuagg and Jerry Ivey
  • unknown Track
  • Lavrene Kendrick and Sam McQuagg
  • Suicide Circle Albany, Ga
  • Eddie MacDonald
  • tifton  ga 1950
  • gold 90, 3 window coup
  • tifton  ga
  • winged gold 90 5 window
  • Tifton ga 1949
  • Little 90 coup
  • unknown track with alot georgia car on it
  • Little 90 and Eddie MacDonald
  • Eddie MacDonald
  • Esther and Eddie Macdonald with Tiny Lund
  • Eddie MacDonald 90
  • Tom Pistone, John Thorn, Eddie MacDonald
  • help on this item
  • Laverne Kendrick
  • Eddie Macdonald and Lavrene Kendrick
  • Laverne Kendrick 1st car
  • Lavrene Kendrick 90 and station wagon
Jack Walker
@jack-walker   9 years ago
Was he related to Eddie McDonald ?
Johnny Mallonee
@johnny-mallonee   9 years ago
they are one in the same i think . never heard of a willie unless its eddies middle name
jerry ivey
@jerry-ivey   9 years ago
Willie was from Albany Ga. He drove from the 50's 60's and I think the 70's. Willie spell his last name McDonald, Eddie spelled his MacDonald and Eddie was from Maine started racing there then he join the Army end up at Fort Benning Ga and started racing there in the late 1950's. Talk to Eddie today he is doing great and just turn 80 four weeks ago
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