After 30 years, the more things change.................
Jerry Sims
Sunday April 5 2009, 12:26 AM
.........the more they stay the same. An old friend of mine from the dirt track days decided he really didn't like cut vinyl lettering as good as the old fashioned OneShot and quill brush style lettering so he asked me if I still did that sort of work.My son, who had helped letter a car with me for him almost thirty years before, had bought us some new lettering brushes and paint to do some cars a while back so I said yes when he asked if we could do his new ride.As luck would have it, after we finished up late Thursday night and were gonna shoot some pics on Friday, he didn't get it finished in time. my son had to help judge the car show today and I wound up going by and taking the pics before I went to the track today.My son is now the track photographer at our local track like I was thiry years ago and I'm gonna give announcing a whirl this year but, due to the circumstances, we lettered the car and I wound up shooting the pictures exactly like we had done almost thirty years ago when my son was ten or eleven for the same car owner who now builds the cars for his son.I love the way racing is a family sport now and I get the biggest kick out of seeing my grown son follow in my footsteps, red mud and all, at the races. I know that the owner does too because the writing above the windshield opening is, "Carrying on a Family Tradition." Life is good!PS This really is a full size car. LOL Photobucket
Jerry Sims
@jerry-sims   13 years ago
Thanks or the comments and encouragement Tim. It is I-77 Speedway but you might better give me a while before you pass judgement. I found out my first time yesterday, that as an announcer , I'm a really good photographer. LOL
Jon Clifton
@jon-clifton   13 years ago
Ah, the days. I remember the old cars at the track were 99% of the time painted by the owner or someone on the pit crew. A brush and some paint that stood out was all it took. No fancy lettering, numbers or anything like that. Slap a number on it, maybe somebody's name that gave you a couple of bucks and go racing. They were nothing like the master pieces that are at the track today, even the local Saturday night tracks.