Jerry Sims

Tiny Lund's Late Model Chevelle scale model

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First model I've built in about 6 years and the first one I've handlettered in about ten. I just did this for my son for Christmas and I'm pretty rusty but I think I may have to build some more this year. That "Big Boy" on Tiger Tom's '64 Ford Shoneys car couldn't be much harder than the Snoopy on this one, could it?
Jerry Sims
@jerry-sims   13 years ago
It's the Revell SS396 Z-16 from a couple years back. It's built like they used to be, throw away everything that doesn't look like a race car and then start bending tubing and trimming the wheel openings 'til what's left starts looking like a race car. LOL
Bill Powell
@bill-powell   12 years ago
It almost looks real-great job
Jerry Sims
@jerry-sims   12 years ago
Hey Bill, it IS real. It's just not real BIG. LOL Thanks for the comments my friend.
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