Jim Lambert

Bowman Gray Stadium

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1940's vintage postcard - hasn't changed much, has it?
Jeff Gilder
@jeff-gilder   11 years ago
Randy Myers2
@randy-myers2   11 years ago
I know the card is a "rendering" but it "card" must be from much later. The horseshoe wasn't filled in till 54.
Jim Lambert
@jim-lambert   11 years ago
I believe this linen postcard image is not a "photo" as stated in the lower left corner but in fact an artist's rendering as Randy says. It is probably what the designer originally proposed, but it may not have been built in its entirety originally in the 1940's. There are some details that I have never seen in photos, as well as the horseshoe closure Randy states was not completed until 1954. In particular, the pit entrance off the backstretch entering turn 3 is not shown shown, nor is the track as wide as when used for automobile racing (I believe the track was originally a cinder surface intended for 440 yard footraces, hence a 1/4 mile flat track whenasphalt paved for auto races). I'm not sure when the Stadium itself was first built but the first NASCAR-sanctioned event took place on May 18, 1949. Anyone know when they put up the guardrail? Bottom line, I don't think BGS ever looked exactly like the image, but pretty darn close.
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