Jim Wilmore

HerbThomas Harnett Speedway, Spring Lake, NC 1953

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Herb Thomas takes win at Harnett County Speedway, Spring Lake, NC, 1953
Jeff Gilder
@jeff-gilder   13 years ago
What is he holingin his left hand...is that a coke?
@devin   13 years ago
It does look like a soda bottle. Also looks like the door is partially open while the car appears to be moving. I enjoy the older pictures. Thank you for posting them.
Jim Wilmore
@jim-wilmore   13 years ago
I believe he is drinking a Coca-Cola in victory lane with his business hat and door ajar. Yes, this is a classic photo and I was very fortunate to have come across it. Thanks for the comments.
Dennis  Garrett
@dennis-garrett   5 years ago
1. Herb Thomas holding Coke or Pepsi Bottle.JPG #1. Herb Thomas holding Coke or Pepsi Bottle? 2. Coca Cola Bottle 1953 New YorkNY.JPG #2. Coca Cola Bottle 1953  NewYork,NY. 3. Pepsi Cola Bottle  1953  Hickory N.C.JPG #3.Pepsi Cola Bottle 1953 Hickory, N.C. I think Herb Thomas is holding an 1953 Pepsi Cola Bottle. Dennis Garrett Richmond,Va.
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