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"Ole" Fayetteville Speedway Memoirs [Fayetteville, NC]
"Ole" Fayetteville Speedway Memoirs [Fayetteville, NC]

This Club is dedicated to thememories ofThe "ole" Fayetteville Speedway and the local driver's thatraced on the dusty 3/8 mile(nearly round) clay track. Localracers in no particular order;John Sears, Roy Tyner, Glenn McDuffie, Chubby Thompkins, Jack Smith, Carl Smith, Billy Jones, Robert Johnson, "Winding Wayne" Andrews, Tommy Thompkins, E.C. Johnson,Coy Blue, Jimmy Norton,Wallace Beal, Tom Usryand many more talented drivers graced this track with the help of their car owners, mechanics and crew.The track had also hosted it's share of other NASCARdrivers but this group is about the local heroes.The "Ole"Fayetteville Speedway waslocated off Hwy 301 and Airport Rd. in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Part of the old parking lot is now a graveyard where some of these drivers rest. Let us never forget the people and places that helped build our sport.

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Old Fayetteville Speedway Memorabilia

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