John Betts

#02 Chuck Bown 1980 Champion Spark Plug 400

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TMC Chase
@tmc-chase   14 years ago
Chuck Bown qualified the 02 car. But the driver in the race is in the foreground in the Gatorade uni - DW. Waltrip lost two engines in qualifying & didn't make the race in his 88 DiGard car. The team bought a ride for him in Bown's 02.
@statsman   14 years ago
toomuchcountry beat me to the punch. Great shot to capture DW in front of the car.
Pete Banchoff
@pete-banchoff   14 years ago
You are correct toomuchcountry. Darrell bought his way into the 02 Chevrolet and finished 4th at the 1980 Champion Sparkplug 400 at Michigan. He was also heavily Boo'd because of his antics getting that ride at the very last minute. Not that he ever was a fan favorite at MIS, but he really caught it from the fans at MIS.
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