John Vallo

Morganna Night, Kil-Kare Speedway, Jun 3, 1988

For thirty years, she was the buxom babe of baseball who famously rushed the field at major league baseball games to steal kisses from up to 50 athletes in front of thousands of spectators. The media branded her Morganna, “The Kissing Bandit,” and she quickly became a celebrity in her own right, winning endorsement deals, film, television and magazine appearances. She was baseball’s first unofficial mascot and her cheeky act was well-known across America. Then suddenly, she disappeared into obscurity…
“Despite her willingness to flaunt her 60-inch chest and embrace her own celebrity with late-night show appearances and news stories, Morganna kept her own life incredibly private. To this day, the line between fact and fiction is blurred, making Morganna ever more fascinating.”
According to the little information we have, Morganna had it pretty rough. She was allegedly disowned by her mother as a baby and as a young girl, tried to become a nun but then ran away from the school at thirteen. She lived on the street, eating out of garbage cans, begging shop owners for a job without success because she was too young to get a work permit. Eventually she found a job dancing at a strip club, pretending she was 18 years old. She was still just thirteen.
Fast-forward to her career as “the Kissing Bandit” and she was earning as much as $7,000 to $10,000 a week.
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