Quick lap around a half mile dirt track
Greg takes you on a very very fast time trial --listen after he takes off,he never lifts untill he passes the flag stand. Thats called life in the fast laneIve followed this guy for years
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Augusta Ga A I R P S 2010 Reunion 012
Ever want to be a Matador in a bull ring? Well driving one of these Skeeters of the North Ga area that ran in the early 60's was a lot like that, you were playing the bull but not wanting to get...
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Middle Ga Raceway
This is along the turn 3 and 4 on outside where someone removed the dirt from track. Track is still holing on but needs to be repaired in this area with a few loads of dirt. Lots of underbrush...
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Second meeting for Middle Ga Raceway 5-12-2010 006
a trip by the stands after many years setting dormant
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Second visit with the lady  May 12/2010
a lap around the quarter mile track and one around the half mile at speed.You will see where brush and trash is being removed in front of the grandstand.Hold on now so you wont slide around
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2010 columbia speedway reunion
larry wallaces pristine 1967 chevelle in all it glory this car is rubbed on more than the average corvette as you can see
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2010 Columbia SC Racers Reunion at cola speedway 054
david was out of breath as he climbed out of his little car ha he was in hog heaven and wanting to go again
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2010 columbia racers reunion 019
After over 35 years away I made the first of many laps left to make in sweet 16,a wonderful restored 56 Ford of Bob Moore who is a very dear and close friend of mine. This car was one of the top...
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