Russell Roland Wiese - 1954 Stock Car driver from Spencer Iowa
Sunday July 24 2016, 3:14 AM

I amseeking information about, or pictures of, Russell Roland Wiese, a stock car driver who raced for Bang's Bee Line in Spencer, Iowa in at least, but not later than, October 1954. Mr. Wiese was living in Spencer at the time of his unfortunate death on October 21, 1954. Russell died as a result of injuries he sustained in a crash while driving in a stock car race in Jackson, Minnesota on Sunday, October 17, 1954. Russell was driving a 1936 Hudson belonging to Bangs Bee Line of Spencer, Iowa when he lost control on a curve, flipped end over end, rolled several times and crashed through a wooden barrier. Immediately after the crash, Russell was rushed to Holland Hospital in Jackson. He succumbed to his injuries four days later, never regaining consciousness after the crash. Mr. Wiese was 31 years when he passed away, and left behind his wife Gloria and their four children. Because he died so young, photosof Russell are very hard to find, and I have only cursory biographical information so far. Nor do I know much about his brief racing career.It is my hopeto findeither some biographical information about Mr. Russell Wiese, the particular race he crashed in on October 17, 1954, other races he raced in, or the Bangs Bee Line team from Spencer, Iowa for whom he raced. It was reported that Mr. Wiese was a member of the Iowa Racing Association at the time, and raced at the Milford, Iowa race track at least a couple of times prior to his fatal run in Jackson. If you dont have any information related to my search,perhaps you can direct me to other sources thatmay have the information I am seeking. Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide.