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  • 1971 Bobby Allison
Ken Adams
@ken-adams   9 years ago
Here is a picture, although not very good one, of the #49 Mustang @ Onley, West Virginia. Bobby @ the wheel, May? 1972. The crew is the group with red shirts with tires stacked behind them! My Mother recalls that one of the guys on the crew was Eddie Allison, lending to the thought that Bobby may have run the car out of his shop! Haven't had a chance to check with him though. She also recalled that this was the race where they ran a combined event and Bobby and Richard had a slugfest, with Richard coming out on top this time!
@fallscity48   9 years ago
Yes this would be Ona, West Virginia (West Virginia Intl. Speedway) on August 8, 1971. The track was closed in 1972 (reopened 2007). Thanks Mr. Ken for sharing a great photo (would love to see more from that race)!!
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