Kent Benfield

Tommy Houston RFR Feb

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First BGN Win! The # 6 was born!
Chris Hussey
@chris-hussey   11 years ago
Thats Ray Hendrick. Had to put 6 over his traditional 11 due to Jack Ingram being faster qualifier. This was before the Busch series begin.
Kent Benfield
@kent-benfield   11 years ago
Hey Chris, it was Tommy Houston (car owned by Mike Day); and yes Jack did out qualify him. I sent a message to Tommy to ask for clarification... but the back of this pic(which I took) has Feb. 82 and I know he won it. ... Dale E. won 1st race @ Daytona, Tommy 2nd @ Richmond (Eastern 150) on Feb. 20, 1982 (LMS Bud Series, BGN confusing 82-84)
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