Kent Benfield

Sam Ard/Jack Ingram Wreck Richmond82

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Bryan Ogle
@bryan-ogle   11 years ago
Thats a cool picture, Jack said that he only wrecked with Sam one time in all the races they ran together, I guess you got to see it. Keep them coming, Thanks for all the great photos.
David Bentley
@david-bentley   11 years ago
I was at that race and I think Sam was leading when a back marker blew an engine going into turn one, Sam was already past the flag stand so he didn't get the caution and wrecked in the oil along with Jack and a couple others spun. Brad Teague may have won that day, can't remember for sure, I know Brad Teague did win a sportsman show out there in the early 80's driving the Food Country 15. Great photos, thanks for posting them!
Kenny Lang
@kenny-lang   11 years ago
Great stuff as always Kent!!
Brian Yezierski
@brian-yezierski   10 years ago
I miss that half mile layout. Great pic!
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