Margaret Sue Turner Wright

Curtis Turner Smokey Yunick 1967

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Curtis Turner, Smoke Yunick talking
Bill Powell
@bill-powell   13 years ago
NASCAR should do more so that newer generations always know who's in this picture. I've heard lots of funny stories about these two-especially old "POPS" what a character !
a true race fan
@a-true-race-fan   12 years ago
my dad saw him race many times - allways said he was the best ever - this is just a classic photo - i was at the dirt track at charlotte one time - to watch a high profile dirt race with bloomquist, eckert,shaver etc - a woman reporter was interviewing humpy wheeler and bruton smith - she asked if curtis turner could have raced with these guys - humpy said - dont you mean if they could have raced with him - and burton shot back the answer to that is no - any old head that saw him will tell you he was awesome .
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