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Shirl Greer's bob-tailed dodge at Union Hill Drag Strip north of Nashville in 1968
Dennis Doubleday
@dennis-doubleday   10 years ago
Awesome !
Vincent Bayarinas
@vincent-bayarinas   10 years ago
WOW! Thanx very much for posting the Shirl Greer stuff. I had never before seen the pictures of the very early version and this late version from 1968. Greer's Coronet made an almost unbelievable impression on me. I have based my '65 Coronet AWB on Greer's car. I spoke with Shirl on the phone a few times thanx to a mutual friend. I am extremely grateful for those few opportunities I had to speak with him. He was a true gentleman and class-act, even towards this dumb kid that he didn't know from a hole in the ground that called him on the phone. Godspeed Shirl!
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